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I can't believe I've stayed on here this long. I know I post (or try to) six days a week. I just never thought I would last this long. Doing my my podcast too. I just don't know how many episodes of my podcast I've done so far. I like having this here because it really helps me with my doctor's appointments. I needed a journal and, no one is following this one so that makes it just something that I'm doing for myself. I'm really doing both of them for myself because the life that I live, I have to have something to do. These projects really help take up time during what would normally be a really long day. There's only so much to watch on the internet. As of right now I came from watching a guy unbox fake Yeezy's. (Boy I must be bored) Like I said, there's only so much content worth watching. BUT, at least I've got my own place to go. My own place to post. I just leave it wide open for any one who happens to find it to come in and take a look. I'm feeling good today. I've eaten and taken my meds. My cat is doing good. This move is still coming up. I'll have a lot (not a lot, just a lot for one person) to move when the time comes. I'll make it though. I've made it this far. I just hope I can handle living alone. That's where I find out how much I can take. It'll be an adventure. Well, if nothing else, I posted today. I thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a blessed day.

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