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I just couldn't do that. My roommate just came to my door and offered me a potato out of a crock pot I have been smelling all day. The thing that gets me is, potatoes are not the only thing in the pot. There is meat in there too. But to be asked specifically "Hey, do you want a potato out of this pot?", does not make you feel welcome to anything in the darn pot. The sad thing is, due to my memory loss everything but the potatoes in the pot I may have paid for. They just aren't decent enough people to tell me. Knowing I have this disability, it hurts. When I spend money on good food, yet I'm the only one around here complaining about being hungry, something's wrong. Edit. As I was writing this my roommate knocked on my door and invited me AGAIN to one of his potatoes. In the crock pot also there was a pork loin of about 1 and a half pounds and had no invite to it. Ah specifics you say. Me being anal. No, I just know how I would have invited anyone to that meal. It would not be a specific invite to a potato. Yeah I'm southern but that's just rude. The even sadder thing is, they're going to fill their sad bellies, put their dishes in the sink, and retire for the evening expecting all the mess to be gone in the morning. What's bad is, they can look at a pile of disgusting dishes in the sink a lot longer than I can. Prayer. I know this life is temporary and that there is another promised. We are told to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It's hard to do knowing the neighbor knows also just chooses not to. Help me Lord to be a more humble a grateful servant like you were. You washed your servants feet. That is a lot harder than washing their plates.

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