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That must be the big thing, getting found. I really didn't start this blog to "get found". I started this blog as I look back and see, one, as a mission to spread the Gospel, and two, as a way to vent my frustrations. I don't like pouring my stress onto others whom I know already have enough stress of their own. I started this so if anybody found it they would know that their is an epileptic Christian in the world with problems too. I guess I was looking to give hope to some people out there who share my affliction and may be feeling like giving up and I can tell them, "No, turn to Christ!! He has enough strength for us all!!" I wasn't led to Christ that way, but boy if it isn't the truth. He has enough strength to allow me to have one of the most horrible grand mal seizures I've ever had (and I've had a lot) and still when I come back to my right mind the first thing I do is get on my knees and thank Him for allowing me to wake up. Blood soaked pillow, urine soaked sheets, but at least I had the strength later to do my own laundry. Along with the blessing of a washer and dryer. It's 2019 and some people in the world are still washing their clothe in a river. Count your blessings. I always say I'm counting my blessings. Once you really start to, you realize just how many you have. Epilepsy is a small price to pay for all of the luxury I get. Food, clean water, air conditioning, internet, clothes, freedom, a church who knows the Lord and cares about me, the list can go on and on. It gets hard sometimes. Those are the times I feel the Lord is testing me. A lot of people would have broken by now. Suicide rates among epileptics range from 2.6 to 5 times higher than that of the general population. I got that from This blog is named perfectly Epileptic Rants. If you've discovered it today and you like what you are reading I'll be here. This and church are my therapy. I've put over a decade into Jesus, maybe I can dedicate myself to this as well.

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