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This is the only place I can scream. I'm glad hardly anyone comes in here to listen to it. I just got through buying supper for my roommate and I and he just acts like he could care less. Every time he buys food I thank him profusely, to the point where one might find it annoying. But I go and buy something to eat, with intentions on cooking it, and what happens? We get home and he takes it upon himself to start cooking it the way he likes it. As he cooks, he likes to eat out of the pot also. I personally cannot stand this. All I can do is sit here and watch. ...(1 hr. later) I'm through eating now. My roommate was kind enough to let me get the first plate, though he must not have been that hungry figuring he snacked his way through cooking it. I must have just been hungry to really get upset about all of this, I just know I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't eat out of the pot of food that someone else has bought, while it's cooking. I don't know, call me whatever. I just don't think that is proper. So the move is coming up and this is one of the few things that I'm not going to miss. I'm going to miss having someone to joke around with occasionally and having a ride if I need one, but, this is just one of my pet peeves. Its just something I wouldn't do. In reality, the move might be a good thing. I won't know until after it happens. I just hope it is. I just hope I don't end up in some remote place having a seizure all alone. I know I'll end up having my seizures alone, I just hope they can be confined to my bedroom and bed. I don't want to be outside or uptown alone having one. That's one of my greatest fears.

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