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I cannot stand people who have to be right all the time. These people have to be so insecure. Or they they are so wrongly conceited they are just lunatics. We are all wrong sometimes, accept it!!! These people can look you in the face and refute a proven fact and say that Google is wrong and they are right. Man this gets o my nerves so bad because I'm not ashamed to admit when I'm wrong. It's called learning. These people think they know everything. I can even accept that they know more about certain things than I do, that's fine. But sometimes it's just ridiculous. My roommate is watching a documentary on West Virginia coal miners. He made a statement "They all look happy in them pictures." I said to him "Yeah, they were a happy people." He says back to me "No, they aren't happy." What!?! That makes no sense. He had to be right. I even agreed with him. (not even caring about that subject at the time) Yet he had to come back to disagree with me just so he could feel like he was right. Man these people. Get some class. Along with that comes some humility. It's free. Just accept it.

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