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Ahh another rant...

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Well I just got through washing the dishes (as usual). Someone had the nerve to come in the kitchen, ask me what I was doing, and then leave their dirty bowl and spoon behind. Some people have no class. Where do these people come from. I mean, come on, I was raised poor, but I got taught manners. The usual "excuse me", "please", "may I", "I'm sorry". These people are trash. Lord forgive me. I don't like talking about people, but golly. Now the time has come for bills to get paid. I'm gonna need a ride. These people are the most obnoxious taxi. No, I take that back. I just hate asking them nicely for anything and then giving them what they deserve from it because of all the crap I'd had to deal with from them. They are so wishy-washy. I know we all have "issues'. So come on, accept yours. Don't sit around complaining about the good deal you've received because you have medical problems while saying "I could do this. I could do that." Well, go do it. Get out of the system. You must really like the system. I know I appreciate it, but if there were any other thing I could do I would be doing it. This blog is like me standing outside screaming. I get a lot out. I don't know if anyone will ever read it. I only have plans to let one person see it. They will probably appreciate it too. Knowing who these people are and how much I complain about the situation over here. If you're reading this, "Hi there.". I can do nothing more than thank the Lord for life, grace, and salvation. These are all gifts we do not deserve. That is one reason I continue to pray for my roommates. This I feel is the greatest revenge. Truly caring for someone who does not even care for their self. If God can love me through all my shortcomings, I can try to be Christ-like and love someone else through theirs. It's hard. Man it's hard. Unconditional love. That is a concept.

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