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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

As a person living with a disability, a bad one at that. I have TLE. Google is your friend. Along with it comes short-term memory loss. I live in government housing with a roommate I don't trust. Not really him, it's his leech girlfriend whom I cannot stand. When she's around he's a different person. Back to the subject. Having memory issues and having people around you that you can't trust makes life horrible. Paranoia sets in. It would be different if I knew it was just meaningless paranoia. The fact is, I bought my cat a flea collar off of Amazon. My cat still has fleas. The girlfriend has a cat and no money. My cat now has an old flea collar on. I go to my Amazon account to match up the flea collars and there my suspicions are shown to be worthy. The collar I ordered is not the one on my cat, it's the one that went missing off of him last month. Now of course I KNOW something is going on. I don't care about what little money it costs for another flea collar, it's being made to look like a fool I can't stand. Of course, they think they are taking advantage of someone with a disability and getting away with it which makes them even worse. What do I do? Confront someone who acts as if they are criminally insane and proud, uh no. I have been around mental illness a long time. My brother is paranoid schizophrenic. I know what insanity looks like. Patience is a virtue. Yeah we've all heard it. Try living it. Forgive, pray. Forgive, pray. Our Savior is good. I just don't know how long I can put up with it. Forgive, pray. And the story continues.

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