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Bad day...

Well I just got surprised with a few unexpected bills. That's never a good thing. I don't know how I'm going to pay them. I guess it's going to turn into one of those "times". One of those times when there's not enough money to meet all my needs. I've been through these times before. It's a part of life when you live with a bad memory. It seemed like everything was going to be hard due to the move, but now its going to be even rougher. I can't not pay the bills that have come due, that's just irresponsible. Man I didn't need this today. ...I just have to push ahead. Keep driving forward. These are things I should have taken care of, and would have, had I known about them. I try to keep a positive attitude about everything this is just rough though. I don't have much money coming in as it is. These numbers are outrageous compared to what I am able to pay. This is just going to be a bad couple of months. It just had to come right in time with the move. The devil does everything he can to try to dampen our spirits. He really knows how to get to me. Its just going to be one of those times where we look the devil in the eye and say "Not today Satan!" I know I owe these bills and I want to pay them. I just don't want to starve while in the process of doing so. I don't want to get so caught up in paying these bills I forget about paying other ones, which is what happened with these. They just couldn't have arrived at a worse time for me spiritually. Not that my spirit isn't strong, its just that it was already being tested. Now its being tested even more. That old devil likes to throw it on us when he knows we're weak, but he doesn't know that my power comes from Jesus. I'll face all these trials with Him as my guide. I know as long as I keep Him as my rock I have nothing to fear.

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