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Checked on a fridge...

Well I went on Amazon to check on a dorm fridge with a freezer. It was about $185.00. Not too bad too be dropped off at the front door. If I was to get my roommate to take me to go get one it would probably cost a little more and have some gas money to go along with it. I think I'll just go with Amazon. That'll be next month though. So I leave the house today and everyone is docile. I get back there is food cooking in the crock pot. I bought some chicken last month and had it stored in HER freezer. I hated having to so that. But, I guess tonight we're all gong to dine on my chicken. No one even asked if it was okay to cook it. Oh well. Just another bump in the road. At least I got to get out of the house today. I wonder if they went through my things and plundered for anything good. I know I need to put the lock on my door. I found a screwdriver so I'll put it on tonight and leave it unspoken like my chicken it seems we're going to have for supper. I'll feel a lot better after I can have everything of mine locked up in my room. Food and all. I wonder if he's going to leave when she does? If so, can they take the refrigerator from the kitchen r does it stay with the apartment. I bet they'll try if there's no refrigerator at her place. They just seem the type. Lord forgive me. It's just when enough things go missing you always wonder what could be next. That dorm fridge and door lock will give me so much peace. The next step is finding some way to the grocery store that doesn't involve them.

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