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Checked on school...

I checked on college today. Not sure if I'm gonna attempt to go back to SGSC. I think I'll end up at Coastal Pines with some online diploma. Ahh just figured I'd write it down So I would remember. SGSC wants $800.00 a class a semester. That's expensive. Coastal Pines is a tad bit cheaper. Just figured I'd write it down. Try to remember to call Coastal after this hurricane gets by. Talk to their disability person.

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Had a seizure.

Woke up in my bed sweating with my tongue all chewed up. My body is sore and my head is pounding. I have only eatan sherbet due to my tongue being chewed. I know I need to eat.

Small seizure yesterday...

I had a small seizure yesterday. I remember going into it, I just don't remember having it. It was small. I think it only lasted about five minutes. That's what Steve told me. I remember pulling into

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