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Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Now I get on here and complain a lot about my roommate and his girlfriend. (Mainly just her.) But the Lord said "Do unto others." If I don't want to help someone I won't. I just hope they know it's not me that's helping, it's the love of Jesus, the Holy Spirit. If someone had never have helped me in those moments when I needed it the most only the Lord knows where I would be right now. I probably wouldn't be living a comfortable enough life to where I can blog and podcast the days away. I had help. I feel the least I could do is return the favor without expecting anything in return. I hope to continue to post and continue my podcasting on Anchor. I've found that these are hobbies that I enjoy the most. I'm waiting right now for my laundry day so I can get my laundry done. I'm glad we have a laundry room that is part of our apartment complex. It makes doing our laundry a lot easier. I woke up early today and had to go get my meds from the Wal-Mart pharmacy. I'm glad I have been blessed enough to have a ride to go get my meds instead of me having to call a cab or walk down there. I thank the Lord that people are willing to help me when I need it the most. I feel when we do unto others with true love and charity we will get paid back. I don't know for sure but I do know that it's all about giving from the heart. The Lord knows when and why we give. We need to give because we know that Christ would give for us. He did give for us. He gave the most important thing for us sinners. He gave his life and blood as a sacrifice for all sinners who are willing to accept His payment. My concept of that payment clicked one day. I realized that our savior could have climbed off of the cross and went right back home, yet he chose to pay the payment for us sinners. It is the blood that was shed on that cross that washes us clean. After we learn that our Lord gave up His life for us we start to "Do unto others". We find ourselves sacrificing for others in the name of the lord because first, if he hadn't sacrificed for sinners I would never have had a chance for forgiveness. Showing the love of Christ through sacrifices to others allows them to see Christ's love firsthand. A lot of people will see the generosity and wonder why we can be so generous and it gives us a chance to testify, to be that light in a dark place. Just being that light may/will surprise us all in the end. Go out into the world and shine. Have people wondering why we can be so happy when the world deals us such a dark hand. Let them know it is Jesus. If someone had never told me and shared their experience with me only the Lord knows where I would be now. I am glad there are servants out in the world sharing their testimonies to the lost. The best thing we can do is share the Gospel with the lost. That should be one thing we want to do every day. The scripture says "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I'm glad I was invited to church and had the Gospel shared and taught to me. I feel we should be out in the world sharing what changed our lives, the love and truth of Jesus Christ. The great commission says to "Go," I feel we all have a way to show the love of Christ and to tell the truth about His death and resurrection to the lost. If it is only just one person, I feel we must share it because someone shared it with us. Here is a link to my podcast, the content there is different. Try it out

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