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Feeling good today...

Today is nothing special, I'm just feeling o.k. That's better than feeling bad. I'm blessed to be awake. I woke up, said my prayers and took my medicine. That's about how every day starts. I'm in the process of finding a veterinarian for my cat so I can get her spayed. I want her fixed so she can be an outside cat too. I like the idea of a cat having the freedom to go outside and roam and then come back home too eat and sleep. I've been waiting for her to come out and get comfortable, now that she is I'm going to take her to a veterinarian to fix her. It's going to cost a little bit but cat lovers fix their cats if they can't support the kittens it'll bring into the world. This will be the second one I've had done in less than a year. I just can't afford her having kittens. The thing is if she had kittens there would be no where to take them in my town (I've looked) and I can't raise them. Cats are hard to give away. This one got VERY lucky. I wanted a cat, I got one. That's all I want, one. I'm willing to pay to keep it that way. So that's what I've been doing stressing over getting my cat fixed. It's not "stress" per se, but at least I've had something to do. I've been researching and calling local vets to get the low down on the pricing. So, I've been occupied. If nothing else it made a blog post so that's good. I went back to church yesterday. Boy did I need that. Just being in the Lord's house makes it so special. I like worshiping with others. I don't mind doing it alone but, where two or three gather... It's just better to me. Well that's my post for today. Thanks for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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