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A caffeinated day...

Well I feel like I'm finally back to normal. Why you ask? Because I've had too much caffeine and thoroughly enjoyed doing my podcast today. That's what I wake up for, to do my podcast. After that I post on here and then my day turns to watching YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I also watch Survivor on Wednesday nights. Oh to live a life filled with such activity. Yes, I tend to stay bored most of the time. In this time of crisis though what else is there to do. The rest of you are living my lifestyle (unless you're essential). I have found a few new YouTube channels to follow, but even that gets old. Its good finding Christian channels spreading the Gospel into the world via the internet. There are so many people out there on the streets sharing the truth of Jesus Christ and being persecuted for it. I like finding the street preachers and showing them support via their channel. I feel that gives them strength and may be an important part of helping to get the Gospel out there. There are a lot of good preachers beating the streets these days to masses of people who do not want to hear what they have to say. It is a rough place to be, out there. That's why I like to show them support. I'm feeling good today. I've taken my medication. I'm waiting for this food to get done so I can eat. Other than that all that I've done is my podcast. The rest of today is going to be boring. I guess that's just what I have to deal with. I think I'll finish Waco today so I don't have to watch it before I go to bed. I still haven't finished Cheers either. I know how Waco ends. I think at the end of Cheers they just close up and go home. They might sell the bar, I don't know. Ehh..its something to do. I hope your day is going well. I hope everyone you love is safe and healthy. Just know, its been proven to me that this coronavirus can strike anyone at anytime. I hope it doesn't get proven to you. ...Well I'm about to eat. My roommate borrowed a pot from me to cook some rice. I'll be eating good tonight and tomorrow. That's going to be one thing I'm going to miss about having a roommate, the fact that he cooks. I know how to cook and he has taught me a lot. I just feel like when this move happens I won't be cooking as much. Not that I won't have the food, I just don't like the idea of something being on the stove and me having a seizure while a pot is boiling or something. Well, we all have to make sacrifices. At least I'll have somewhere to live. As I said before I've taken my meds. I'm waiting on lunch/dinner. Its been a good day so far. I hope you're having a good day and don't forget to count your blessings. I know I get on here and complain a lot but I know that things could be a lot worse. So, thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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