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These seizures can really knock you off your schedule for days. I had just a small one (or I call it small) and it knocked me off my routine for 5 to 6 days. I'm just back to normal today. I woke up, did my laundry and kept to my normal routine for the first time in a while without thinking "I'm recovering from a seizure." It just feels good to be back. I'm not going to be doing anything BIG today, heck, after I post this my day is about done. I feel good though. My typing is back up to speed. That feels good. You know you're recovering when you're back to pecking at the keys. It shows that your coordination is off. Its taken a few days to get back to typing normally again. These posts have been short because of the trouble I've been having typing. I'm having a rather good day today though. I just can't wait for the cat to get comfortable. ...I'm back. I've been gone about 2 hours helping my neighbor put together a computer desk. I'm glad I was able to help, it gave me something to do. I try to do anything other than sit around and watch t.v. all day. I know there's not much more I could be doing but I try to do as much as possible. The cat still hasn't came out from behind the couch yet. Its got to get hungry sometime. I'm having a good day, I'm about to go get something to eat now. So this is my post for today, thanks for stopping by. May the Lord bless you.

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