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So I was of course bored. So I did something I find myself doing every now and then, looking for ways to make money from my computer or phone. This time I found a service called i-Writer. It is a service that will pay you to write articles, posts, or reviews of products for someone else. The pay isn't that good,but the work is there for anyone capable of doing it. I spent two hours today writing 500 original words about a subject I really knew nothing about. Due to my memory I've already forgotten who it was for and what it was about, but I wrote it and turned it in for approval. Now let's just see if they like it enough to pay me for it. I feel though it didn't go through correctly. I luckily saved a copy of what I wrote so just in case I can turn it in again. Other than that not much going on around here today. Oh yeah, we're getting new neighbors. They are in the process of moving in right now. When I say neighbor I mean next door. I have been spoiled by knowing that there is no one on the other side of my bedroom wall. This is going to take some getting used to. Just hearing the bumps and sounds coming from next door are going to keep me up at night. I hope these people aren't night owls. I used to stay up late at night but lately (as in the last couple of years) I have found myself keeping a pretty regular sleep schedule. 9-11 p.m. until 7-9 a.m. It really helps me know when my nerves are really acting up. I either can't sleep or I wake up late. The doctor has always said to keep a regular sleep schedule as an epileptic. I hope this year doesn't change too much from last year. i feel I had a pretty good year last year. The only thing I can think of that really sticks out in my mind as bad is the fact that I kept having seizures. Maybe this year I won't have anymore. Instead of "waiting for the next one" I'm going to live like I've already had my last one and I'll never have another. That's a good New Year's resolution. Hmm..and I didn't even make it, I just ended up thinking that way. I knew it was a good idea not to make any resolutions this year. I always put so much pressure on myself this time of year. But, I think really a lot of people do. We always want to be better people, we just happen to pick one specific day to suddenly be "good". That's a lot o pressure. Change happens slowly, over time. I feel most, if not all of my drastic changes never stick. It's those little changes that tend to turn into the big ones. Just a post. I've got to get a refill on one of my medications today. I'm glad I thought of that. It's time to call that in.

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