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Ahh another Sunday in the books. I love going to church, it's like refueling for the soul. The only thing I don't like is having to leave all my stuff unguarded. I put up a sign in my room next to the door so you have to see it on your way out. It basically says "My room is not a free for all. Last warning. I will call the police." I mean when it comes to that you're really getting tired of it. Other than that I had a great day at church and prayed for the person stealing from me. My Lord will deal with it His way. I will be happy with His way. As of right now, no one is reading these posts. This is like a diary and a memory book to help me with my progressive memory loss. So in Sunday School we just started studying the book of Mark. We just finished First Corinthians. Mark is gonna be good. I hope Mike is o.k. I know I miss church at times, well I guess we're all "allowed" to miss. Heck, we don't even "have" to go. We choose to go to worship our Lord who chose to do something He didn't have to do for us. Oh those of us who have a personal relationship with Christ thank Him every day for that sacrifice and do our best to sacrifice sin for Him. Man I love Sundays. 9/1/19

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