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Wow, I never thought there was so much to starting a website. I mean I knew I would have to pay little for hosting but even the building of it through a pre-made made company is even complicated.I should have paid a lot more attention in the 90's. That's when all this information was still new and a lot easier to comprehend. I've found myself jumping in right in the middle of a tech craze and all of this knowledge basically takes a college degree to figure out. I can't even imagine the idea of building a website without the help of a pre-made setup. That stuff is for geniuses. I'm on my way to church now. The week just isn't the same without church. A lot of people feel they end the week with church on Sunday, but the regulars know that we begin our week on Sunday. We refill our spirit. Charge up our spiritual batteries so we can go forth into a new week strong in our faith.

I have finally built a website and domain for my blog, its I chose .club because a lot of people with epilepsy would love to have a club to join so we could all go and sshare our stories and experiences that only other epileptics can understand. So maybe after a while I can put a little more money into this and turn this into something social instead of just a place I go to rant. To afford the website I'm gonna have to make some changes in my life. I'll have to find out where my priorities lie. I said I was gonna do this for therapy, therapy costs money. So do bad habits. I think I can d thisi therapy for a little cheaper than my bad habit and get a lot better long-term returns. I'll be able to vent , I'll learn about my computer and building websites and my health will get better. Hopefully my seizures will too. Well I thiink that's enough for this morning, to whoever is out there I hopw you have a blessed day.

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