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Well after our church service last night I told a brother in the church to get in touch with me and I would talk with him about going door knocking. Now this is something he does regularly I believe. This is not something I've ever spent much time doing. I told him what time I woke up and he sounded pretty affirmative about the idea of us getting together today. So that's what I'm doing I'm sitting here waiting to see if he is going to show up. I feel he may not. I should have gotten his phone number so I could have called him to tell him I was ready to go. So, that's where I messed up. Either way, the Lord knows that I was up and ready to go this morning. I just hope the next time we try to schedule a day to go out I feel as good as I do today. I woke up this morning with bells on. I was ready to face one of my biggest fears, knocking on doors. That type of witnessing scares me. You are meeting people on their grounds. My biggest fear is getting cursed out by someone for coming in their yard. I guess that's just Satan trying to find an easy way to stop me from doing the work of the Lord. I just don't need to rationalize that fear. I just need to think about what our church needs right now and that is outreach. As of right now that is very important. We need to get out and let our neighborhood know that we are there and that we are waiting with open arms to help fill their spiritual needs. Maybe if i can listen to people I can talk to people too. All they really need to hear is that we are open and accepting of all kinds. I can tell them that the church accepted me as a sinner and I've been there over ten years. I can be apart of letting them know that the church will accept them too. ...All I know is I should have gotten his phone number then I would have been able to call him this morning to let him know that I was ready and waiting. If nothing else at least I got up early, I''ll sleep better tonight. I'll definitely see him at church on Sunday. (maybe Wednesday) i'll just make it clearer that I want to go out with him. He doesn't need to have it all on his shoulders. As far as I know he is the only one doing any kind of outreach right now. If so he could definitely use some help and support. I don't know, I just wanted to help. To change the subject though. I'm feeling good. I've had one cup of coffee. I've had breakfast. I've taken my meds. I think today is going to be a good day. Back to the original purpose of this blog, a seizure journal. I can't believe I pay for website hosting for a seizure journal. Oh well, I enjoy it.

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