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Got good news today...

I've been posting lately about my move I've got coming up. I've also been worried about the little things that are going to change when it happens. It's going to be hard surviving by myself and that has had me worried. My food stamps had gotten cut to fourteen dollars. That hurt. The idea of trying to eat for a month off of fourteen dollars just had me stressed. I do a lot of complaining on here about my roommate but we have a relationship where we share certain things off of each other. He doesn't have any money so I buy soap, shampoo, trash bags, etc. I don't get much in food stamps so he was buying the food. It worked, for a while. Someone always has to come along and screw things up. It was his girlfriend. She would just never leave. She's gone now, but just before they told us we had to move. ...ANYWAY I was just told today that my food stamps would be going back up. They're not going up a lot but it's back to where it was at, $47.00. Now to me, I can eat off of that. That just means I'll have the money for my internet and won't be starving. For me that's great news. When you live on a limited income you have to pick your priorities and for me high speed internet at home is one of them. I get a lot of peace by being able to roam the wilderness that is the internet. I've interacted with a lot of nice christian people out doing the Lord's work and that keeps my spirit up. I'm more or less stuck at home. I could walk around my whole town in a day, but I'm just afraid to walk. These seizures sneak up on me. In my new apartment I'll be within walking distance to a major shopping hub in my town. I guess I'll just have to pick my days to go grocery shopping and when I do, make sure I get enough staples to last until the next walking trip that I feel safe enough to take. I won't be able to carry much each trip either so I'll have to do smart, selective shopping. That walk home doesn't need to be too heavy or the bags may rip, then I'll have a mess. I'm actually drinking a caffeine free drink right now, it's A&W Cream Soda. I didn't know it was caffeine free until today. I'm pretty sure the trade off is the sugar. I already had a five hour energy so I didn't need any more caffeine. That's how and what I'm doing today. Thanks for stopping by. May the Lord bless you.

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