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Got some bad news today....

Well, I finally saw that the newspaper is stopping presses. I almost cried. That was the place I went to get my local news, obituaries, and crime reports. I've been reading that newspaper for 30 years. Now how am I going to find out when all of my old acquaintances pass away? Social networking? Heck, I don't even talk to any of them anymore. How am I going to see when my brother passes on or goes to jail? Let him back into my life? That's just too much trouble. I was depending on the Journal-Herald for all that gossip. Wow. I'm just in shock. My father read that newspaper every day. That was always one place that helped me learn to enjoy local current events. Without the newspaper part of my daily ritual is gone. Every day I would look at their website and read local news, obituaries, and the Police Roundup looking for people I know.(lol) I know it's not funny, but you look for a type of person where you expect to find them. Those were the type of people I used to hang with. The ones who would now be making news, dead, or in jail. Now I guess I'll never know the fate of about 5-10 thousand more people I know or know of. Well, another hometown staple lost to the simplicity of new-age technology. I wonder how many jobs were lost. Andy says Gary Griffin will still be giving out the local news on the radio. I didn't tell him, but I believe Gary worked for the Journal-Herald. Other than that we've had a good day so far. We all had breakfast and lunch, together. Ever since I let my walls down and more or less stuck my chest out around here I've had a lot more peace. I believe the whole time the problem was me. I would spend so much time worrying about if I was imposing on them. Now I walk around here like I own the place and the tension is gone. I still wash dishes and take out the trash, etc. but the idea of eating their food is no longer scary. Wow that was hard to write. Scary. That's a hard word to say when it's your emotion you're describing. But everything seems to be going good around here. I feel good physically. No seizure feelings. I hope I get a month. Yeah i kinda like this blog. I get a lot out and my typing is getting better and better. Alright that's it for me. Lost a good friend today. (the newspaper and today because I found out today)

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