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Had a strange night...

So last night I'm doing what I usually do, I'm on YouTube. I found a guy doing a livestream where all he does is reviews podcasts. He's got a great premise for a show considering the number of podcasts that are out now. He sits there with a live chat, drinks beer, smokes cigars and reviews podcasts live. He will really chew them up too. He curses a lot. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like cursing at all. For some reason though I wanted this guy to review my podcast. I wanted just a review, from a stranger, some one to really tell me how bad it sucks. I know its not great, but I get listeners. I just wanted to hear this stranger's opinion on it. So he sits there and says "Send me a link. I'll review your podcast." If no one sends any links he just goes through the jungle of random podcasts out there and starts fishing them out, reviewing them. So I hang in there with him for a while, wanting him to review mine. It takes about thirty minutes for me to work up the nerve to send this guy a link, but, I finally do. But for some reason he never reviews it. He keeps saying "Send me a link Epileptic Rants." I keep sending links. Remember, my podcast is clean and Christian. I don't know if he saw the name of Jesus in the titles and it just scared him off. Just know, I was waiting for this guy to tear me a new one. He just wouldn't review my posts. Again, I know they aren't great. I just wanted to hear a stranger's opinion on them. So I ended up sending him three links to three different posts. One of them blatantly Christian. ...He never reviews them. He just says he's not getting links, even though I'm looking at the live chat seeing the links pop up. I don't know what happened. All I know is, today, I look and I've got views on all the links that I sent. Maybe he listened to them. I was just wanting an honest opinion on my podcast, maybe I ended up doing a little more. He knew by going to my page that I was a Christian podcast. I say that first. I don't know, maybe he listened to them. In the end I just told him. "Oh well, I tried. May the Lord bless you." After he kept saying he wasn't getting links. He's got a great premise for a show though and I told him that. I would like to do that. Just a clean version. I won't because it was his idea. I know one thing, after listening to all the podcasts he reviewed I know that we live in a sinful world. People are focused on sex and murder so much now. Homosexuality is so prevalent. Now they have platforms to share their thoughts and fantasies with the world. I just know that the podcast market is flooded because people either think its easy or easy money. Trust me, you have to love it to stay in it. You have to have a reason to be doing it and there are a lot of people putting out a lot of "dirty" content and the sad thing is, they are getting views. That just goes to show that the market for sin is so great today. I don't do mine to try to make a profit, I do it because I love it and I need something to do. Again I say, its therapeutic. ...anyway I wish this guy the best. He's got a great idea and he is happily pursuing it. Maybe he listened. Maybe he heard the name of Jesus. To reach just one person would be awesome. I'm not doing it as a mission. I can only testify to what the Lord has done for me. Maybe my testimony can help someone else. I hope you have a great day. May the Lord bless you.

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