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Hadn't been here in a while...

Wow. Seems I missed a few days. I had a seizure over at David's house, ended up at the hospital again. This time though, they let me out by myself and I ended up circling the hospital about three times. It sucks, but we all have a cross to bear. This cross keeps me humble. I'm blessed to be breathing. That is a lesson I learned. A good one at that. This time it took a little longer to recover. I drank lots of tea and found I had broken a tooth. Teeth are precious to epileptics. We grind them a lot during our episodes and our medicine is really bad on them. That sucks. But, at least I woke up. I'll trade a tooth for that. It's not a whole tooth. Just the enamel from the outside. I'm glad I started this blog. Now I can write down my days and have them logged for when I forget about them after my episodes. Just another post. Oh yeah, for anybody reading,, good stuff.

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