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Good content. Yes. Good content is hard to find. The internet is flooded with people putting out just anything and everything begging for likes and subs. I am a person who spends most of the day on the internet looking through this jungle of junk searching for content that is worth watching and/or listening to. I know I am just another one of the hundreds of thousands begging for your your precious time but I understand that my content isn't the greatest. Some people have spent money on their blogs, vlogs, and podcasts and their content is just trash. I haven't spent a dime on mine...well no, that's not entirely true. I do pay for a web address.(I think that is the correct term for it.) I only do that for...I don't know why I do, I just like having my own little piece of the internet. I just do this for therapeutic reasons. I could just be sitting here all day long, staring at my phone, watching everyone else's content. I decided I would add my personal spice to the recipe. There is just so much to choose from these days. It takes a lot to get a like and a sub. We scroll over so many people who just want that like and sub it's just insane. I see thousands of videos a day. I sub to probably one a month. I see ads for hundreds of podcasts a day. So far I've only found two that I've subbed to. If your getting subs be happy, why? Because I'm the guy you're reaching out to. the guy on the internet all the time. You must be doing something right. Keep it up. If your not podcasting, vlogging, or blogging try it out. The market is so flooded only two things are gonna happen. One. No one is even going to notice you, so it makes for very good therapy or two, people are gonna like your content and you may find a way to help other people. So far I haven't been noticed that much but I feel like those looking for me will find me. So as of right now it makes for very good therapy. I'll continue to do it because I enjoy it. I should have started it a long time ago. Now I get to be in while the marketplace is just flooded and I can be incognito. This allows me to break down a lot of barriers that I had. It has helped a lot with my nervousness and my social anxiety. Being completely open to strangers is just as good as group therapy for me. I'm allowing people in, I just don't know who they are. ...well I use this as a reminder for myself and I was just reminded to fill my prescription. Now I have to get an authorization from my doctor to get my medication refilled and their office is closed on Friday. I'll be out of one of my medications until Monday now. That is not good. But, it's just part of it. At least the blog did as it was supposed to, so I'm definitely getting something positive out of it. I hope you are too. Thanks for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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