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I almost didn't post today, I wasn't feeling that great. I feel, though, if I don't post I'm just being lazy. I'm not looking for the next viral sensation here, I'm just keeping a journal. If I can't take the time to write down the fact that I've taken all my meds except the one I'm waiting to get refilled, then I have the problem. I've eaten today too. This move may affect my eating habits. As of where I'm at now I'm doing a lot of eating off of my roommate. He gets a large amount of food stamps each month due to the fact that he doesn't have a job. I don't receive many at all due to the fact that I receive an income. My stamp allotment is down to 13 dollars a month. I know that's still something but it's hardly enough to try to live off of. I still have bills to pay and regular outflow to things like meds and haircuts. i will soon be paying to do my laundry also. I will be paying for my own internet shortly instead of sharing it with my neighbor. I'm used to paying for internet though, heck we need it. I think the internet should be free in all homes. You should just have to supply your own router. Is it free in Canada? Heck, something to look up. ...nope. average 45 mbps at 53 dollars a month. I don't know if that's good or not. It's cheaper than mine. Not gonna post too much tonight, like I said, I had a great topic but totally forgot about it. I need to start writing these ideas down as soon as I have them. I hope you have a great Sunday tomorrow. As you know I don't post on Sunday so catch ya on Monday. Stay blessed.

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