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Haven't posted in a while...

I don't know if it's laziness or if its just because I have a lot on my mind because of this move. I really need to post on here more because I'm actually paying for this site. I post on Anchor every day and its free. This is the place I should be giving my attention to. It just doesn't get the response that my podcast does. (Not that my podcast is doing anything major.) It just gets regular plays and it seems like no one comes over here. I even noticed I stopped shouting it out at the end of my podcasts. Maybe because subconsciously I knew that I was not going to be over here that much. To tell the truth, just doing that short podcast really tires me out mentally. After I get through I like to take a break and then I notice I've taken the afternoon and I think to myself "Well, no use posting today. The day is already gone. I'll just post tomorrow." I chalk it up to just old school procrastination. I find so many good videos and I think while I'm watching them "I need to link that to my blog." It's just that a lot of them are long preaching videos that I feel a lot of the people stopping by may not have time for. Ahhh well. I'm just going to start doing that anyway just to have some content over here. Well, if nothing else, I posted over here today and that is good figuring I haven't in about a week. Boy did that week fly by. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day.

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