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I almost didn't post yesterday, but this has now become part of my routine. I have to keep a routine. If I don't, I'll fall apart. This is an important part of it too. Even if no one is visiting. I've already bought the domain for the next year so I'm going to be keeping a journal here at least that long. I have to have something to do. This laying around, watching t.v. just gets old. I could exercise but I'm afraid to get out side by myself. I had a friend come by and recommend another type of housing program. One more like group housing but you get to live alone or with a roommate. I'm going to talk to my representative about it. It may be better for me than the apartment where I live alone. Its just started raining here. I hope it doesn't last for days. The radar looks like its going to be just some small showers. We've had enough thunderstorms over the past couple of days. Well, not much of a post for today. At least I feel good enough to write. This is one of the things that I do that help make me feel productive during the day. If I don't post, I feel like I'm not being productive. Well, thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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