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As you all know, I spend most of my time on here complaining about my roommate and my living situation. I could have it worse though. My roommate just cooked lunch and invited me to his "feast". Lol. It was a hamburger, but heck, at least he took the time out to cook me one. I know it may not be the best of situations. He doesn't follow all the rules and allows his girlfriend to stay past the allotted visiting hours, but I could have a worse roommate. He is not the problem, she is. She just doesn't talk. She won't clean up after herself. She's not putting anything positive into the household. If she was contributing something the whole situation would be different. She just got an apartment for herself yet she won't stay there. She's been here for over two weeks now after getting that apartment. Why won't she stay there? I just know I would rather stay in a place I was paying for rather than stay at a place where I was just a visitor. I would definitely feel uncomfortable after a while. It is just turning into an unwinnable battle. It's about time to cut my losses and give up on the idea of her leaving and just accept it. She's here, make do. I just don't like the idea of someone knowing they're not supposed to be here, yet they can just break the rules and not care at all. I guess it's not my place to put myself in the position of worrying about how that person sees and deals with the world. It's their choices, they will have to pay the consequences when they come due. It's just your average day around here. Dishes in the sink, the trash needs to be taken out and everyone can seem to look right over it except me. Maybe its just gotten to the point that they know I'm going to wash the dishes and take out the trash and they just leave it for me. There's no getting around it, if it's going to be done I'm going to have to do it. The trash has to sit there full for days before he will even come close to making a move to taking it out. As far as the dishes go, if the sink gets full they just pull out what they need wash it then put it back in dirty. IF NOTHING ELSE, I know that from here on out I've learned to keep a clean kitchen for myself. Maybe that is the blessing I received from this whole ordeal. I'll never leave dishes to rot in the sink ever again. What have I learned. No one else is going to clean up my mess. Now it's just time for them to learn that same lesson. I'm not going to be the one to teach it to them though because I'm always going to be cleaning up after them. Why? Because I want clean dishes and a clean kitchen. Yes my roommate did cook today and invited me to his meal but guess who's going to wash the dishes, you got it. Was it worth a hamburger? I guess I was hungry enough. Well that's enough for today. As far as my health, I feel good. Yes I've had some caffeine. I got a free iced coffee from the store and I've drank one Red Bull Blue. I don't feel any auras, I've taken my meds. I'm doing good today. Thanks for stopping by.

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