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I woke up today, that's always good. I was able to beat my neighbors to the punch and get my laundry done. Its hard doing laundry in a communal laundry room. No one seems to follow the rules. I've learned I have to get up early on laundry day to get my clothes in ahead of those looking to sleep late. Its o.k. though. It gets me up early. I'm just thankful that I was able to get up this morning period. Its been a while since I had a bad seizure. This is something I'm not used to. Its sad to say that I was getting used to having a seizure about every five weeks. Now I seem to be going for months without having one. Maybe I can go six months without having one and be able to get my license back. I can't afford a car but the normalcy of having a driver's license would be nice. Just knowing I could get one would be nice whether I got one or not. Just going this long is strange when your used to regular seizures. Its just going to take some getting used to. I know that sounds weird but, we all have our schedules. Mine just happens to revolve around seizures. I hope I never have another one. That's the first time I've said that with an actual belief or feeling of a real chance I may not. I still have my bad days, but they aren't ending in seizures. I'll start praying that this may be the end. I hope you're having a good day. I hope your family and all those you love and care about are safe during this time of crisis. We all are going through it and dealing with it in different ways. I'm living the same hermetic lifestyle that I was living, so things haven't changed too much for me. I'm just eating ground pork instead of ground beef. I made a comment in my podcast referring to it as ground turkey. I just didn't want to go back and edit it out. So if you heard my podcast, know that I meant ground pork. I believe we're all gonna make it through this. We just have to follow the guidelines and pray a lot. Well, that's my post for today. I'm feeling well. I've taken my medications. I need to get something to eat. My caffeine for the day is a 4c energy drink. I did have a 20 oz. Mountain Dew also. That's a lot of caffeine. The Mountain Dew was diet and sugar free. I'm trying to stay away from all the sugar. I thank you for stopping by and checking in, may the Lord bless you.

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