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I feel good today. I woke up rather early compared to yesterday. I woke up at 9:30 a.m. My roommate woke me up asking me if I wanted breakfast. That's something else I'm going to miss about having a roommate. It'll take some getting used to though. I can cook my own breakfast. I just can't tell myself what happened during a seizure. I usually know if I've had a big one. Lately they haven't been that big. I hope it stays that way. I posted that Ministry of Silly Walks video because I remember the Monty Python sketch and it was hilarious. I love sketch comedy and those guys were pros. I don't have much (if anything) planned for today. I've done my podcast and now I'm writing my blog which are the high points of my day. The rest of the day I just find myself wasting, watching television. Not really television, just streaming services. I just get so tired of typing out NetFlix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. So from here on out I'm calling all of this, television. That's the rest of my day. Taking care of my cat and watching television. I'm watching House right now. I love that show. It reminds me of my father, we used to watch it together. So that's the rest of my day, watching House. I'm glad I feel good today though. It could be one of those bad days, so I thank the Lord its not. I hope your having a good day. Though no one really comes by here, I'm really just talking to myself. But I didn't start this for notoriety, I started this as a journal, and its become a darn good one too. I think the only reason I can keep up with it is because I allow others to see it. Like I've said before, I've tried keeping private journals and they never worked. So that's today's post. I hope you having a good day. Thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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