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Today started off rather well, it started with prayer. All my days start with prayer. I don't think the day would feel right without starting off with talking to the Lord. Its now become part of my life. I remember the old me who would not think twice about prayer. That individual was very lost. I had a lot of problems back then, not that I don't have problems now, I just know where to go to get help now. I wasn't going to start this off as a prayer post. It was going to be the usual "feeling good, had some caffeine, fed the cat etc." post. I guess it turned into something different. Maybe someone is going to read it who needs to know about the power of prayer. Prayer is our one way ticket to the Almighty. He listens. He answers. We just have to have enough faith to know both of these things. You can ask a lot of people to do a lot of things and you'll fond that you'll be disappointed just about all the time. The Lord never fails us. Sometimes his truths may be disappointing to the flesh, but it is always best for the spirit. We just have to have faith in knowing that he is the all-knowing. Everything he chooses for us is the best for us. We as sinners, in the flesh, could not make better decisions for our spiritual selves, our eternal selves. We have to rely on him to lay our path in front of us and we just have to walk it day by day. It will lead us to eternal glory as long as we stay humble and repentant. Wow, I was not expecting to write this today. I hope it does what it needs to do. If nothing else I'm going to stay mindful of prayer and keep my life centered around it. I hope you choose to do the same. I thank you for stopping by and may you have a blessed day.

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