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My roommates cordially invited me to a dinner I believe i paid for the bulk of. How nice of them. They cooked a Velveeta Skillet Dinner which is basically an excuse to say you are too good to buy Hamburger Helper. Yet, I think they used my hamburger meat in it. The only reason I say that is because it usually takes something like that for them to invite me to eat their food. Anything I cook I invite them to. Why? Because that is normal human behavior (in my opinion). They can actually cook a meal, knowing I haven't eaten, and then proceed to eat it right in front of me if I did not put anything into it. I just can't do that. Sharing with the hungry is just natural Christian behavior. I guess that speaks volumes about their spirituality. I buy the tea, the sugar, the toilet paper, the paper towels, the cat food, the cat treats, and all this is left unspoken. I buy up to 10 pounds of hamburger meat a month. I also buy up to five pounds of chicken. I bought 3 pounds of seasoned yellow rice. Oh yeah, 10 pounds of sugar and 36 rolls of toilet paper to be specific. Why be specific you ask, because I can't scream at them to buy their own. This is my only output for rage. But, hey, its safe. And I guess another reason is if I bought only enough for me they wouldn't get the hint. Then I would end up running out and having to pay for a ride back to the store to get just enough for me that they wouldn't get the hint from and run out again. Screw it. Bite the bullet. Buy too much. Now everyone has tea and toilet paper. now I'm just stuck making the tea and changing the toilet paper when it runs out. ARGHH!!! I can't win. I try, oh Lord I try. I just haven't stopped praying for them yet. Someone never stopped praying for me and after salvation, all I want is good for me and others. So if i keep praying for them they may one day get the same gift i received. New eyes, new ears and a new heart to given to service. If this is service to our Lord. I'll keep buying toilet paper and making tea. Praise be unto Him. Man this blog helps a lot. It's like the not-so-crazy side of talking to yourself.

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