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Since this is just an online journal, I'm just gonna post how I'm feeling and how my day is going. I don't think I'm going try to write these posts for anyone else. I'm just going to write them for myself and if anyone else reads it then fine, but you had to be looking for them to find these posts. My day so far has gone rather well. I had breakfast. This is now becoming a regular part of my schedule for the first time in my life. I didn't even eat breakfast at school when my meals there were free. I don't know, I've just never been a breakfast person. Maybe now since its become a scheduled thing in my home I'm getting used to it, even craving a morning meal now. My stomach used to not be able to take food until afternoon. There was a time when I couldn't get hungry without smoking marijuana. That was many years ago. Now I appreciate a morning meal. It just sits on the stomach well and charges you up for whatever task is at hand. I personally don't have much to do, but I like being full trying to find something to do. Being hungry in the morning will make a person lazy. Breakfast and coffee, just enough to make you want to do something. Whether it's clean up, go to work, write a blog, do a podcast, whatever it is we do, a good breakfast makes it that much better. If you don't enjoy what you're doing in the morning I suggest finding something that you do enjoy doing. ...I just wanted to post. Watching YouTube all day gets kind of monotonous. This is somewhere I can rant,scream, complain, basically do all the things I don't do in real life. I've taken my medicine. I feel good. My roommate's girlfriend is still here, working on two weeks. If I was paying for an apartment I'd be staying in it. I don't think I could pay over 400 dollars a month just for something I was basically using for storage. I've basically accepted the fact that she's going to stay here. I guess it's something I just have to live with. Other than that I guess everything is o.k. I'm going to try to make it to church tomorrow night. If I have to get a ride from my roommate. Maybe he'll be here. I've got the odd feeling they both will be here. If I can get a cheap or even free ride from him it will be worth washing their dishes I guess. Now has come the time to start thinking of ideas for tomorrow's posts. The podcast is the hardest. I can get on here and just rant about my daily struggles as a human. I can complain all I want about my roommate and his girlfriend. I can't do that on my podcast because they are in the next room and they would hear me. I try to keep my podcast centered on the struggles of living with epilepsy. I don't know I guess being stuck in government housing with a roommate because of my condition could be classified as a struggle. If someone finds this and doesn't know me, know that you can live happily inside yourself with a disability. It takes work and acceptance but it is possible. But, back to the original reason I started the blog. I'm feeling well, I have my meds, I have food and i'm eating it. I didn't have much caffeine today just a free iced coffee from the store. That's my post for today.

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