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It's called a "call to action". I always forget to tell people on my podcast to check out my blog. I guess I need to start scripting out my blogs a little better. I don't know, I just do this as a hobby, something to pass the time and as a way to keep up with my seizures. So far I've been doing good. I believe I've only had three since I started doing both. Two of those being really small ones. Like I say, it's just something to pass the time. I found a new cat movie to watch on Netflix. Actually it's a series called Psycho Kitty. I guess that's what its about...psycho kitties. Cats that just act crazy. I don't know, its just something to pacify that place in me that misses my cat. I can't wait to get a new one.I'm going to try my best to be able to get a new one in the apartment I'm moving to. Its already been discussed. I'll probably just end up feeding the strays that they say hang around the complex. I'm having a good day so far. I hope you are too. We were blessed to get up this morning with no troubles. That goes for us with medical conditions. I guess it could really fit into anyone's situation, we all have some sort of trouble we face each day. Its just, with epilepsy, waking up having not had a seizure is a blessing because sometimes we wake up and we've had one. Those are the bad days. Those are the days that keep us from doing the things that we want, like, or need to do. Like today I was able to ride up to Wal-Mart with a brother from church and just hang out with him for about an hour. The feelings that come before and after a seizure stop us from doing little things like that. Its the little things that really fill our days up. When you stop doing those little things the days go by a lot slower. Anyway, I hope you are having a good day. I seem to be. Thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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