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I broke 1500 listens...

It look me a lot less time to get these 500 than the first. I'm not feeling well, I think that's why I'm making a point to post over here also after I've been skipping it for the last few days. I've been skipping it because of just plain laziness and it just seems that what I can write over here just gets redundant. I find myself repeating my podcast most of the time and then hating myself for doing it after I hit publish. But today I'm just not feeling well. It took me over 6 hours to put out a ten minute podcast. I just found myself not feeling good and laying down. I ALMOST didn't finish it, but I would have rather had a short one than not put one out at all. If nothing else, my day is chronicled. I just hope that this feeling goes away and I don't have a seizure. I'm not going to post much over here, just that I've taken my meds and have eaten. I plan on going to bed early tonight. If nothing else thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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