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I didn't do a podcast today...

I started one, but it just wasn't in the books. I put three hours into about four and a half minutes of recorded content. I was being constantly interrupted and in the end my neighbor needed some help putting together a bed for her daughter. If I hadn't helped she would have had to do it alone. It was hard enough with the both of us and it would have been impossible for her to do it by herself. We didn't finish until after nine o'clock. I think that the sacrifice of one podcast versus helping a neighbor, I made the right choice. I can always do a podcast about it tomorrow. I'm glad I was able to help because the bed got put together and I had something constructive to do. I didn't not do a podcast because I was feeling bad. I said that would be the only thing that would keep me from doing one, I never though that a neighbor needing help would be more important, but it was. I'm thinking of doing one right now just so I can stay constant in posting daily. I doubt I'll do it though. I feel good. I've taken my meds. I've eaten, so my day is complete. Thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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