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I missed church yesterday because I had been out of one of my medications for about three days. I don't like going without my medications. They finally got me. I just get scared when I don't have the prescribed dosage in my system. I know that I occasionally miss a dose, but the thing about those doses are, I don't know when they happen. The times I run out and have to wait for the doctor's office to open back up from the weekend, for some reason I just get scared. I ran out of medication on Thursday and decided I would call them in on Friday to get a refill. I called them in and had to speak to an associate about something having to do with my new insurance coverage. My doctor needed to okay the dosage I was taking. The thing about it was, my doctor's office is closed on Friday. I had my refills. I remembered to call them in. This all happened because I changed insurance carriers. It had to happen on a Friday too. So I went the whole weekend without one of my medications. So it was a long weekend for me. I missed church on Sunday because I had by then been off of my pills for three days. That's a little too long for me. Like I said, they got me now. I don't like being off of my medication. ...So as of now I have all of my medications and am getting ready to get back on my regular routine, which is, nothing but church, blogging and podcasting. I wash a few dishes in between and do my laundry, but there's really nothing major going on in my life. For any one who is staying on top of this blog, you know I'll have to move soon. I remember when my roommate's girlfriend moved, finding boxes nowadays is not that easy if you don't want to pay for them. I think I'll end up buying some boxes and just reusing them. I'm just glad to be getting to a place where I can be alone. I don't mind having a roommate. It just gets hard to afford him and her. Oh well, I feel if I ever need a ride he'll still be around to offer that favor as long as I give him some gas money or a pack of cigarettes. He's cheaper than a taxi. I just wanted to post. I post everyday except Sunday. I thoroughly enjoy it. So I see that as a sacrifice to the Lord. Trust me, I could get on here and rant on Sunday just as easy as any other day. That's all this is, a rant. I could pay some therapist to listen, but I'd rather tell the world. It's really good for me. I feel my nerves and my epileptic attacks have been better since I started. If I'm correct I've only had two seizures since I started, and that has been (I think) about six months ago. I could stop and go check, but I'll just try to trust my brain on this one. I'll check after I hit post. ...Okay, thanks for stopping by. I hope your day is blessed with more than you could ask for. Me, I'm just happy that I can get out of bed and write on my computer...and that I've got my medicine. Have a blessed day.

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