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As I was wasting time on the internet I did something I've never done before, I googled my podcast to see where all it was listed. I found myself ranked by someone in the top 60 epilepsy podcasts online for 2020. I can't believe it, recognition. Recognition for something I do as a hobby. Yes I'm only ranked number 37, but someone found me and ranked me. That kind of makes you feel ...I don't know, cool? Like I said, I didn't start all of this for money or for recognition, I started this as therapy. It's been working well also. I just enjoy the fact that there are people out there reading these posts and listening to my podcasts. I thank you. It helps me continue. I need to have something to do. As I've said before, at least my typing has gotten a lot better. lol. So I'm not doing this for naught. My day is going good. Finding that made it a little better also. Now one thing I know is its probably some seo algorithm that put that particular list together, you can tell from the site its posted on, but at least its listed. I know you can google anything and find it, but to be listed somewhere else just feels more productive. I have a friend who does a food review on YouTube, Steverville. He's made contacts and is getting listed and posted on other people's pages and when he first showed me I was so excited for him because it showed recognition. Now he is getting regular posts on Chewboom and its just cool. I knew he was going to grow and his vlog was going to be popular, he's just that type of guy. I never thought my podcast and blog would ever be listed ANYWHERE. I just found that very surprising. ...Well that has basically been my day so far. I plan on going to church tonight. I've taken my medications now its time to get something to eat. So this is my post for today, thanks for stopping in. May the Lord bless you.

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