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Why? You ask. Because its part of my routine. I've gotten thrown off of it today by allowing myself to get caught up watching NetFlix, going to town and just plain procrastination. But I'm going to post. i started by convincing myself I had nothing to write about, that I had shared most everything in my podcast. But just by putting it off, I gave myself something to write about.I really had myself going. I wasn't going to post. I feel good, so that's not an excuse. I didn't have a seizure or anything. It was just that i didn't have anything to write about. I don't want to continue to post about what I'm watching, that just seems boring. The main goal of this blog is to be able to come look at the day before I have a seizure, after I have it. So I have to stick with it. I feel good today, I've taken my medication. I've eaten. I did have a 4c. As I posted earlier (on my podcast) I'm going to get off of the energy drinks and get back to coffee. So, if nothing else, I posted. I have a record about how I'm feeling today. If you're reading this, may the Lord bless you.

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