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As I've always said, this is a journal. I try to find things I find interesting that others may find interesting to talk about on here., but the main reason for this blog is a journal. So today it's going to serve it's purpose, again. I was able to use it to tell my doctor today exactly when and how bad my last two seizures were right there from my phone. She said to keep at it. I plan on it. That felt good, to know that information. To have information like that handy really helped my situation a lot. I came home. After drinking a cup of coffee before I left and a monster when I got home I started to not feel so good. I still don't feel good. I'm posting anyway so I'll know that today I didn't feel good and I'm not too prideful to admit, it was probably the caffeine. I haven't had a seizure so that's good. This post isn't going to be long, just like my podcast wasn't long. It's a day I would just like to go back to sleep, but that would ruin my night. I would rather fight through the day than stay up all night. Those nights are long. I woke up at 7 o'clock this morning. I hit snooze until seven thirty. I was ready to go to my appointment even if I would have had to have walked, but Andy showed up and gave me a ride. That was a blessing. I did not feel like walking this morning, though I would have if I would have had to. ...ehh, I just don't feel good today. Maybe after I get this posted I can then sit down and not worry about today any more. They didn't change the settings on my VNS. They didn't change any of my medication. I've now been scheduled for a three month follow-up. I feel by then I'll be out of walking distance. I'll find a ride. Andy said he'd always take me, heck he sat in the parking lot for close to an hour waiting on me. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to call him for a ride. That's my post for today. I hope you get something out of it. Something like, "No matter how bad you feel, write in your journal. You'll never know what you'll forget." Thanks for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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