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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This is something I wrote December 23, 2016.

Love. One of the few things you can count on to exist in the world. Love is special. It will exist forever. It is eternal in that everyone will feel it, know it, experience it, hence, love it in one shape, form, fashion, or another. This is inescapable. This is truth. We all have love the second we are born into this world of sin. A child, I believe, truly loves their mother and father from birth. Science may try to disprove this theory, but I believe this to be true. From my experience only do I write these following words. My first memories are of an aunt and uncle being my "parents", this being my first memory of people in my life you would think they would be objects of my love. Thirty-six years later I do not even know, much less even love those people. I care for them as any Christian should, but, to stand and say I love them, with my concept of love, would be a blatant lie. I will not cry when they leave this world. I do not know their birthdays or any other significant events in their lives. I can say that I care for their souls, but, I feel that is the love one Christian automatically has for the lost, or, our brethren. I do not wish to see them ill, or worse yet, damned. It is the free salvation of our Savior I wish for them. May the Lord bless them. May He bless their families too. Instinctively though, I do love the mother who left me in their care. This woman tried her best and could not give enough of herself. The role of leader, teacher, and role model was too much for her. Yet after being raised by my father, this absentee mother I still loved and love to this day. Not cutting my father short, if you had seen it as a movie you would have said, "How can he even talk to that woman, of course he loves his father." Love.

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