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I feel pretty good today. I've only had two cups of coffee. After yesterday I'm going to try to avoid those drinks that are just laden with caffeine. I ended up feeling bad. I don't like feeling bad. With epilepsy, feeling bad sometimes can lead to a seizure. Sometimes not. So I'd rather not feel bad as much as possible. If avoiding highly caffeinated drinks is one way to avoid feeling bad then I think I'll try it. The good days are treasured as an epileptic because all it takes is an aura to ruin a day. I've been places many times before, having a great time, and then comes the aura. I end up telling someone to take me home. (I tell someone because I don't drive.) Yet no seizure occurs, henceforth ruining a good day. I don't like auras. I just can't judge them anymore. It used to be, aura equals seizure. Now I can have a pretty strong aura and not have a seizure. That's why I just don't try to judge them at all. I just guess that every aura is going to lead to a seizure, a lot of times they don't. I haven't been doing much today. Just feeling o.k. and that in itself is a blessing. I just like the fact that I can get on here and blog and do my podcast, that shows I'm having a good or o.k. day. The day I don't post anything, anywhere...I'm out. I've had one. This makes for good record keeping. ...Let's see, I've taken my meds. I've had breakfast. I'll probably skip a lunch. I don't know what I'll have for supper, probably a hamburger. At least I've got food. I had to force breakfast down. I've been having to do that the last few days, especially since my seizures have stopped being so severe. Breakfast has never really come naturally to me. I'm not a morning person, hence the caffeine. I just don't have an appetite in the morning ,but, I always feel better after I eat it. That's why I try to force a breakfast down each morning even if I skip lunch. I don't have much to say I didn't say on my podcast. I got a couple of boxes from my neighbor to help move my books. Those are appreciated. I need all those I can get, I've got a bookcase full of books. Oh this move. I'm going to hate it, but it has to be done. I'm such a pack rat. i just need to start throwing things out now. Find those things I haven't touched all year and just toss them. Heck, find the things I haven't touched since I moved in here. I know there's something. ...Well I guess it's back to YouTube. Thanks for stopping by. May the Lord bless you.

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