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I'm glad I started this blog. I'm now able to keep up wit all of my seizures, how I was feeling, and how I recovered. This is probably one of the best ventures I've taken up in a very long time. I'm feeling a little better today. There's not much to do so I don't do much. I guess that would be a blessing to someone with a very busy schedule, to a guy like me it gets kind of boring. I wish I had my driver's license. No. I wish I didn't have seizures so I could drive. That's the better way to put it. Now the question is, where would I go? Dare I say anywhere but here. I don't think I would leave town. Getting mental health treatment in cities and towns isn't easy anymore. Getting good treatment that is. I'm already receiving good treatment where I'm at. It's just the idea of traveling still seems romantic to me. I guess I've forgotten that you have to drive everywhere you want to go, pack to go there and arrange for a place to stay. That's a little too much for me. i may be bored at at times but I can keep myself occupied right here at home well enough. Plus the idea of having a seizure somewhere out of town, in a public place and ending up for a hospital stay just doesn't sound easy. Yeah I may complain, but I'm blessed. Life could be and has been a lot worse. I'm about to go back down my Nardwuar rabbit hole again, Check his page out. He's pretty cool. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day.

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