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I'm watching Twin Peaks...

It was a show that was rather popular when I was a child that I've always wanted to watch. I'm glad it doesn't have bad language and things like that so I'm able to stand watching it. It may have some cursing in it, but not enough to turn me off from it and it doesn't take much to do that. It was also made for t.v. so that controls a lot of the content. I like the storyline so far. As far as what else I'm doing, not much. Just trying to look out for this cat. Maybe she won't spend forever behind the couch. I got her fixed for her own good. I hope she comes back around to being the loving cat that she was. I don't have any major plans for today. Just sitting at home waiting for Sunday so I can go to church. That's the highlight of my week. I got my haircut yesterday though. I had put it off for a month and then this pandemic struck so then I was two months behind on a haircut. I usually get it cut once a month. I was just being lazy and decided not to go one week. That turned into another week, and another, then the pandemic struck and everything closed down. I'll never put off getting my haircut again no matter how I have to get there. It just gets old always asking someone for a ride. I'll probably miss it once I move and I'm walking everywhere. At least I've had a ride for the past two years. I thank the Lord for that. Heck, I probably need to walk anyway for my health. I'm just afraid of walking long distances due to my seizures. We all have a cross to bear though. I'm feeling good today. I've posted a podcast and now I'm posting on here so that just shows that my day is going "normally". Well, I thank you for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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