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I miss my cat...

I always knew he was a good companion, I just never really realized how much company he actually was until now that he's gone. Boy do I miss that cat. I spend a lot of time alone. I mean a lot. Whether my roommate is here or gone I spend a lot of time secluded in my room. I never really noticed it until I started blogging. Now it seems the only thing I want to do is write. About what you may ask. It's o.k. I ask the same thing every time I sit in front of my computer. I always get something out though. I can only watch so much Netflix. Television just doesn't do what it used to for me. I think that comes with getting older. The new content just isn't geared toward the older viewers. Its geared toward kids so they can go beg their parents to buy them the merchandise that goes along with it. That's one reason I spend so much time on YouTube. While YouTube itself is getting commercialized, I still have a lot more options when choosing what to put my time and attention into. One thing I enjoy doing is watching my friend's channels. Supporting them while they do something they enjoy doing (that they are good at by the way) just makes me feel good. Why? Because I know I'm helping them want to do bigger projects. It was a friend of mine's YouTube channel that inspired me to purchase this web address. This way there's always a place to find me. I tell people now, "If you want to know how I'm doing just check out my blog." I really like being able to put it out on here. Also, whenever I get bored (like right now) I can always come on here and post and I feel as if I've accomplished something. This is a really good output. My roommate's girlfriend has two days to find a place, pack her stuff and move from where she's at. I believe she is still in the process of deciding on a place. That move is gonna be rough. Due to all of this rain and the recycling going on cardboard boxes are no longer easy to find behind stores and such. Now you have to buy them. I actually priced some in case I was the one who would have to pay for them. They cost around one dollar a piece. I can't afford it. I haven't told them that yet. They also haven't asked me to buy them either. So as of now everything is all good. I feel I'm gonna get called in to help move though. I don't think I'll be able to say no either. So, I just sit and wait for the day and the knock on my door. I'll do it out of love though. She has a little help, just not enough I feel. I'll always go back and say, "What if it were me?" I would want some help. I would need some help. Hopefully someone would come through for me too. The weather report says to look for rain tomorrow. Maybe it won't be raining the day after tomorrow. I believe the renting of a U-Haul is going to be part of the move too. Wow they've still got a lot to do. They stay in my prayers. I just got bored and wanted to post about their situation. Mine is still going o.k. If I'm posting I'm doing o.k. When I stop writing, that's when you'll know something has happened over here. Well, it's about 9 o'clock. Time to take my medicine and call it a night. Just decided I would post about the situation here.

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