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...except Sunday. Why? Because no matter what, to me this is work. I have to think of original things to write and to say on my podcast, and that gets hard for a guy whose mind is slowly deteriorating due to epilepsy. Like I posted before, this last seizure wasn't as bad on my body as it was on my mind. Its taken me days to feel better "in the head". I can only thank the Lord that I was able to wake up. I'm still putting all I have into this blog and my podcast. Why? Because I feel one day I'm going to need all of this information to tell me about myself. I'm advertising a little just to try to reach those who can maybe relate, or those just wondering what its like to live this life. It takes a lot out of you. Some days I can get on here and rant and rant. Some days it takes a whole lot of drive just to get on here. Those dealing with epilepsy know what I'm talking about. The depression is hard to beat too. Just getting out of the bed some days is a struggle. Like today, I found myself sleeping later than usual. I usually have an alarm set for 7 a.m. Lately it hasn't been going off. I don't know if I turned it off but the thing is, I haven't turned it back on again. it's on I just looked. I wonder why it hasn't been going off in the mornings? Maybe I'm just sleeping through it. Either way I need to get back on the routine I was on before that seizure threw me off. That's the bad thing about epilepsy. It's hard to keep a schedule. All it takes is one seizure to throw things out of wack. I'm just happy I can try to get back to a regular schedule again. I hope your having a good day. Thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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