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I was told I had a very important appointment to keep today at my local mental health provider. I was told to do a walk-in, to get there early, and to not miss this day. Well, ...I totally forgot about it of course. There I was sleeping like the dead at eight o'clock this morning and my roommate woke me up, asking me if I had anywhere to go. I jumped up. I had totally forgotten about this very important appointment. I rushed to get ready. As we made our way to the office I apologized to and thanked my roommate for taking me to said appointment. He said "No worries." I showed up. Barely making it on time. Now I will be honest and say, this was a walk-in. I was not promised to be seen. I go to the window to announce my arrival and am told "Let's make you an appointment for 2:15." I triple checked, set an alarm and called my roommate for a ride home. I told him I would need a ride back at 1:45. He said o.k. I show back up at 2:00, fifteen minutes before I'm supposed to be there and am told that I missed an appointment at 10:15. I was shocked. No way this has happened. I was there. On time, and I made sure it wasn't my fault before I got the details for my NEXT appointment, set three alarms and called my roommate for a ride home. What's the point of all this you say? I just wish I had my license so I wouldn't have to depend on someone else's ride and time to get back and forth to where I need to go. I'm so type b I would have rather walked home than to have called him for that ride and ask for another tomorrow. I almost did. I really need to learn how to be more assertive or self confident in my ways. I almost walked home. It took a lot for me to make that call. Now I have to gt another ride from him tomorrow. That in itself is going to suck because it's going to be early on the morning and that just feels like the worst time to need a ride from someone. Asking them to get up early for my needs is hard to do. I know he'll do it though. That's the part where I'm blessed. No matter what, he's still the cheapest taxi in town. I just have to learn to look at these things through a different lens. At least I made my appointment. At least I had a cheap ride. At least I'll have a cheap ride tomorrow. I'm still blessed. I need to start looking for the positives in these times no matter how small.

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