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I just about thanked someone for food that I bought. Am I crazy? It just about came out, then I stopped myself thinking "Wait this is my food. I bought this. He just came in and started cooking it without even asking permission." Am I just so type b that I allow people to run all over me. It gets so old, so frustrating. It's really bad on my nerves. That's one reason I started this blog, so I could vent. I've got to go to the grocery store today to buy a bunch of necessities. I'm going to end up buying 72 rolls of toilet paper for the apartment. They won't buy toilet paper. When I start buying food he's going to tell me what to buy so his girlfriend can eat it too because she has no teeth. I have to use him as a ride, so therefore he feels comfortable going in telling me what to buy. I never go to the grocery store with them. I never get to tell them what to spend they're food stamps on. I don't get to tell them what I like. Heck half the time when they cook they don't even invite me to eat with them. Every time I cook a large meal I make sure to invite everyone to eat. It's only proper. Oh well, at least I got to vent.

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