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So, it all started out I had meds that needed to get refilled. I called to get them refilled and my insurance company had to call me back to approve the prescriptions. I switched insurance providers at the beginning of the year. So, lucky me, I actually did answer that one phone call from out of town, you know that one that is usually some recording trying to sell you something. Well this time it was my provider telling me my insurance has been renewed until December. Understand, I usually have a lot of help with things like this. This I believe is the first time I've ever done this without someone walking and talking me through it. Anyway I get my text that my refill is ready to be picked up and guess what? It's the wrong medication. I have my Keppra. I need my Neurontin. This is just something for me to do tomorrow. Hey, at least I won't be sitting at home with no plans for tomorrow. At least now I've got something to do. I had a good day other than that. I'm caught up on my bills. The move is going to cost me a little to get the internet hooked up. But, it's all about how we keep ourselves entertained. I might not be eating that good for a couple of weeks but I'll still be able to blog and podcast. This has turned into very good therapy for me. I've only had two seizures since I started this journey. One big and one small. The small one was worse on my mind though. This gives me an outlet for a lot of stress and emotion I feel may be building up inside of me over time, only in the past to release itself in the form of seizures. I've found myself battling through bad feelings and rough days to still post. To still pour my emotions out on this page and I don't see any way this cannot be healthy. ...but anyway, I'm feeling good today. I've eaten three meals, taken the medication I have and posted in both places. So to me that makes for a fruitful day. If you're just reading this feel free to check out my podcast at The content over there 90% of the time is different. I'm just all around keeping a journal about this journey called life. I don't do it for money or recognition, I just feel there are some people out there going through the same things I go through and need to know that they're not alone. Thanks for stopping by. May the Lord bless you.

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