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It's been a good day...

I keep this blog as a way to keep up with what's going on in my life. I was told to keep a journal but for some reason that never worked for me. I didn't know I needed a blog. So far today has been good. My brother's old roommate Eric came by. I was just waking up as he was walking up to the door. It's hard to entertain people RIGHT when you wake up. I was trying to be as sociable as possible. It was hard. I waited 4 hours to smoke my first cigarette today. That was hard. This quitting smoking thing is no joke, its going to take some willpower and some serious help from the Lord. I didn't realize I had become so addicted to the act of smoking. It's the act of smoking that I'm addicted to. After using the gum I've realized, I don't really like nicotine. I just like smoking. There I said it. I like to smoke. Now I have to stop doing something that I like to do because its killing me. What do I find more precious? Life? Health? I hope so. As I sit here I'm thinking of the next cigarette I'm going to smoke. That's so horrible. To know I want to quit. To now I need to quit. Yet to still be so wanting of the next one. Its going to take a serious changing of the mind. As long as I'm writing I'm not smoking. I think I just need to get on Word and write a story. I only write one blog post a day. I can't just post a bunch of AAARGH's. That would be redundant. Now that my typing has gotten a lot better maybe I will go over there and start a story. I could just write out an autobiography. That would be hard. I've forgotten most of my past as it is. Oh well. I know at least while I'm typing I just don't have the urge to smoke. I just can't write too much here. That's my post I hope you have a blessed day. Thanks for checking in.

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