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I noticed in my last blog post I called it, this last seizure. I knew it was coming and it was pretty bad on the recovery side of things. They are nothing you get used to. ..just an odd feeling, then you wake up sore with a headache. This headache has lasted for days. It's getting close to a hospital visit. It takes a lot for me to go to the hospital. I usually post about things at home but I've been out of things for a few days, so nothing I know of to complain about. Andy is always good to me. He treats me well, checks on me. He'll make sure I'm eating. I really need to get in touch with the dentist about this tooth getting pulled. I need to try to find someone to do it cheap or even free. I can't afford a $300 extraction. Just figured I'd post. Been off for a while. This is a hobby I'm going to try to stick to. After I read my last two posts I now see that I seem to get manic/depressive before the seizure hits, something to look for.

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